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Valencia Fast Facts

PopulationApprox. 795,000 (city proper)
Autonomous Community La Comunidad de Valencia
LanguagesSpanish and Valenciano/ Valencià
GeographyOn Spain's mideastern Mediterranean coast.
ClimateTypically Mediterranean - mild winters and hot, dry summers
Average Yearly Temperature 21.5ºC (70ºF)
Local fare Valencia claims to be the birthplace of paella. The traditional regional style is saffron rice with chicken, rabbit, beans, snails and artichockes. There are more than 200 other rice dice varieties combining seafood, shellfish, game, vegetables and more.
Tourist Office Calle de la Paz, 48
Tel (+34) 963 986 422
Did you know? Valencia is famous for its "horchata" - a frozen drink made of tiger nuts ("chufas"). It's a great refreshment on a hot day, and there are even specialized locales called "horchaterías."

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