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Teaching Spanish in Spain and Latin America since 1989

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To us, learning Spanish is much more than just teaching it.
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The best destinations

For you we have the best destinations in Spain and Latin America. Learn our language while discovering its wealth, its culture and all its accents! You will understand why Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and, even more, why it has that special something.

All of our destinations in Spain and Latin America

The best teachers

Our teachers are specialist in the field of teaching Spanish. They have post-graduate degrees and each one dominates a different area of the language ranging from philology to tourism. Best of all, they are open, friendly, fun and genuinely want to help you with all you may need! Our teachers are more than that, they are friends.

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The best programs

More than just learning Spanish, we want you to live it. Our programs are designed so that they are more than just a bunch of lessons: here you will learn our philosophy of life, our culture and our history. You will learn everything that makes us Spanish speakers unique in the world.

More than 30 Spanish programs!

The best company

In our schools you will find students with the same interests, who want to have a great time and enjoy learning Spanish. Even better, you will find Spanish students who are learning other languages! Even when you are just drinking a coffee you will be practicing what you have learned in the classroom. A true international environment.

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