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Spanish Immersion Program for Teachers

Language learning is a life-long adventure! The Spanish Teachers' Training Lab is specifically designed for teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) who would like to expand upon and update their knowledge of foreign language teaching methodologies alongside other Spanish teachers from around the world.

Participants will increase their pedagogical expertise by discussing methodological topics, such as how to teach grammar and vocabulary, how to integrate culture into the lessons, and how to plan a class using new technologies. By observing different Spanish language classes, they will inevitably enrich their classroom back home and enjoy a cultural experience abroad.

Starting DatesSpain: Jul 7 and Jul 20 | Quito: Jan 6 | Playa del Carmen: Jan 14
Other dates upon request
Lessons per week 20 lessons per week + 10 hours observation + mentoring
DurationMin. 2 weeks
Lesson Duration 55 min.

Share Your Passion With Other Spanish Teachers


This course was designed for Spanish teachers from around the world looking for a language and culture immersion experience that provides the perfect setting to learn new teaching methodologies, compare notes with other teachers, and observe native Spanish teachers in the classroom.


How long has it been since you got to speak Spanish all day every day? Share your interest in Spanish language and culture with fellow educators. You'll spend several hours in the classroom each day, gaining new perspectives on Spanish language teaching and learning tricks to help students who tend to fall behind and motivate high achievers. Return to your students with plenty of stories, the current slang of your destination, and fresh inspiration.

Develop Your Spanish Teaching Skills in Spain and Latin America

Choose among 9 incredible destinations in the Spanish-speaking world to continue growing as a teacher, and come back to your school with inspiring stories to share.

  • Madrid
  • Malaga
  • Salamanca
  • Valencia
  • Santo Domingo de Heredia
  • Guanajuato
  • Oaxaca
  • Quito
  • Playa del Carmen

2017 Prices and Practical Information

  • Alicante, Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Málaga, Marbella, Salamanca, Sevilla, Granada, Valencia, Tenerife*
  • Price List

    DurationIntensive - 20 classes
    1-4 weeks€ 169
    +5 weeks€ 159
    +12 weeks€ 149
    +32 weeks€ 139

    Add specialized coures to your intensive program

    CoursesPrice per week
    +5 Group classes50€
    +5 DELE preparation classes€ 85
    + 1 Private class€ 40
    +5 Private classes€ 180
    +10 Private classes320€
    +1 Online private class18€
    + 5 Clases privadas online€ 80
    +10 Online private classes€ 150
    + 5 clases de español con visita turística€ 50
    + Internship (minimum of 8 weeks)€ 695
    + Visit traditional Spanish celebrations€ 120

    Practical Information

    DurationFrom 1 week
    ClassesMaximum 10 students
    Start datesAny Monday, all year round
    LevelAll Levels
    Age RangeMinimum 14 years old (17 in Tenerife)
    Minutes per lesson55
  • * A surcharge of € 40 per week will be applied at our Tenerife location.

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