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Prepare for the PAU/PCE University Entry Test

"PAU/PCE" stands for "Prueba de Acceso a la Universidad" or "University Entrance Exam", and it is one way of gaining entrance to the Spanish higher education system. The exam consist of a series of tests covering a variety of subjects such as Spanish language and literature.

In addition to preparing you for the Spanish University Entrance Exam, we will also guide you through the admissions process to a Spanish university.

Starting DatesJanuary, February or October
Lessons per week 25 in Barcelona, 20 in Madrid and Malaga
Duration34 weeks (Oct-May) or 22 weeks (Jan-May | Feb-Jun)

Get Ready to Study Abroad in Spain


This course is for students who want to take university courses in Spain and already have a high enough level of Spanish to pass the university entrance exam. We will help you prepare for the exams and guide you through the steps of the admission process.


With this course, you'll receive specific training to help you pass the entrance exams you need to attend a Spanish university. Thanks to the group classes, you'll be able to share your learning experience with your classmates and benefit from hearing their questions and insights. A collaborative learning environment helps everyone! The university entrance exam includes a variety of tests on language, culture, and history, among other topics.

Also, we know the paperwork for the admission process can be overwhelming, which is why we have our counselors guide you every step of the way, so you can concentrate your efforts on doing your best on the exam.

*To take this course you need to have a high-intermediate or advanced Spanish level (B2-C1).

3 Cities for You to Choose From

You've heard about them all. Just pick one and start getting ready to pass the Spanish university entrance exam!

2017 Prices and Practical Information

  • Alicante, Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Málaga, Marbella, Salamanca, Sevilla, Granada, Valencia, Tenerife*
  • Price List

    DurationIntensive - 20 classes
    1-4 weeks€ 169
    +5 weeks€ 159
    +12 weeks€ 149
    +32 weeks€ 139

    Add specialized coures to your intensive program

    CoursesPrice per week
    +5 Group classes50€
    +5 DELE preparation classes€ 85
    + 1 Private class€ 40
    +5 Private classes€ 180
    +10 Private classes320€
    +1 Online private class18€
    + 5 Clases privadas online€ 80
    +10 Online private classes€ 150
    + 5 clases de español con visita turística€ 50
    + Internship (minimum of 8 weeks)€ 695
    + Visit traditional Spanish celebrations€ 120

    Practical Information

    DurationFrom 1 week
    ClassesMaximum 10 students
    Start datesAny Monday, all year round
    LevelAll Levels
    Age RangeMinimum 14 years old (17 in Tenerife)
    Minutes per lesson55
  • * A surcharge of € 40 per week will be applied at our Tenerife location.

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