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Granada Travel Guide - Introduction

Welcome to Granada, Spain's "Moorish Jewel"!

If you want to understand the fascination with Granada, the legend of Boabdil tell is all.

Boabdil was the last Moorish king of Granada, and Granada was the last Moorish stronghold on the Iberian peninsula by this time. In 1492, after more than 700 years of Muslim rule, the Christians reconquered the kingdom of Granada and Boabdil was forced from his beautiful palace, the Alhambra. When he left the city, Boabdil - a strong, proud man - began to sob like a small child.

This legend has been told in innumerable poems and works of art. The image of a strong man grieving his lost city. What kind of magic must a city have to cause that kind of impact on a man?

Take, for example, the Alhambra. It's Spain's most visited attraction and is without a doubt a true masterpiece of architecture. Granada is a city packed with history and yet maintains a modern edge. It's known for its lively nightlife, its large portions of (free!) "tapas" and its friendly residents. The city lies in the foothills of the sierra Nevada, only 45 minutes from the Costa Tropical and brimming with bars, restaurants and clubs. There's truly something for everyone in Granada!

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