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Cádiz Travel Guide - Introduction

Welcome to Cádiz, the oldest city in the western world!

3,000 years ago, Cádiz was founded by the Phoenicians. Today, it's still the oldest existing city in the western world. Because its unique position on a peninsula, Cádiz was one of the first junctions linking Spain and the rest of the world. Furthermore, Christopher Columbus set sail from this city several times on his journeys to America.

Age-old history, modern Europe, friendly port life and the lively social scene blend smoothly together and make Cádiz a wonderful place to learn Spanish.

While Cádiz is well-known for its famous Carnival celebrations, the top highlight of the city is its relaxed, laid-back atmosphere. From cafés to seafood markets, discovering the treasures hidden in the Old Quarter's narrow, winding alleyways is an enchanting delight to any visitor.

Today Cádiz has 135,000 inhabitants and attracts more and more tourists each year. Magnificent beaches, breath-taking views of the sea, long palm-lined promenades, packed bars, great museums, a lively nightlife and beautiful cathedrals distinguish Cádiz as a modern European city, yet with the delights of a small town. It's no surprise that locals and tourists find it so hard to leave!

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