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Get your Spanish citizenship with the CCSE certificate

If you would like to get Spain citizenship and you are of Sephardi origin or resident in Spain, one of the requirements is getting the CCSE and DELE( at least level A2) certificates. CCSE (Constitutional and Sociocultural knowledge of Spain test) is an exam created by Instituto Cervantes in order to assess the knowledge about the Spanish Constitution, Culture and Society.

  • Issued by: Instituto Cervantes
  • Content: 25 questions
  • Format: Paper
  • Dates: Last Thursday of each month but for August and December
  • Recognition: International
  • Validity: 4 years
  • Exam Center: All Enforex schools in Spain
  • Certificate: Official diploma
  • Results: 20 days
  • Grades: Pass / Fail
27/1, 24/2, 31/3, 28/4, 26/5, 30/6, 28/7, 29/9, 27/10, 24/1126/1, 23/2, 30/3, 27/4, 25/5, 29/6, 27/7, 28/9, 26/10, 30/11
The exam takes place the last Thursday of each month

Enforex assists you with the exam enrollment

At Enforex, we help you with the enrollment and give you tips so that you can succeed at the exam at our facilities.

Our teachers will assist you so that you have alll the preparation material and will provide you with some advice regarding the exam format and also help you with the online registration in the dates of your choice.

Moreover, if you also need to take the DELE exam (also needed in order to get the Spain citizenship), you can do so with one of our preparation courses in which we have a 95% success rate. All our Enforex schools are official DELE preparation and exam centres.

Exam structure

The Constitutional and Sociocultural knowledge of Spain test consists of 25 questions whose contect is organized in two main sections: Government, legislation and citizen participation in Spain and Culture and history.

  • 10 questions about the Government, powers and institutions of the State, fundamental laws and mechanisms for citizen participation. Knowledge about rights and duties that Spain citizenship implies.
  • 3 questions about the Government, powers and institutions of the State, fundamental laws and mechanisms for citizen participation. Knowledge about the citizenship solicitation and the rights and duties that it implies.
  • 2 questions about the territorial organization and political and physical geography of Spain.
  • 3 questions about Spanish art, traditions, culture and relevant historic events.
  • 7 questions about different aspects of daily life and society's behaviour. Knowledge about administrative procedures in Spain.

Questions have a variable lenght of 20-40 words and are of multiple choice (three different options) and true/false kind. The test is in paper.

In order to pass the exam, at least 15 questions out of 25 (60%) must be answered correctly. The results are published at the Instituto Cervantes' online platform in a 20-day period after the test is taken.

Available at multiple destinations

At Enforex we count on many destinations at the most popular cities of Spain where you can take the CCSE exam and DELE preparation and exam.

  • Barcelona
  • Granada
  • Tenerife
  • Marbella
  • Salamanca
  • Seville
  • Madrid
  • Malaga
  • Valencia

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