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March: Las Fallas
Las Fallas is an incredible fiesta that welcomes spring with a bang. Residents essentially plan all year round to commission "fallas," pieces of art constructed around a wooden skeleton and covered in papier-mâché to create satirical human and animal figures, often reaching more than 20 meters (65 ft) high!

At the festival's pinnacle, the fallas are paraded around town and fireworks, firecrackers and light shows abound. On the last night, the fallas are burned and the city seems to burst into flames. General debauchery ensues on the streets of Valencia and it might just be Spain's craziest party (and that's saying a lot).

July: Feria de Julio
This festival consists of even more fireworks and outdoor concerts. The city lights up in its typical fashion with happy throngs of partiers in the streets.

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