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Prepare for a Spanish Proficiency Exam

Invest in your future by earning an official Spanish proficiency certificate! With over 20 years of experience helping students pass official exams, we will help you successfully take on the most challenging tests and earn a top score. Not only will you ace your exam, but you will also have an unforgettable experience learning and living abroad.

There are ways to make your Spanish level official with various tests. In the first place, we know you may have some doubts about choosing DELE exam or SIELE. But don't worry! At Enforex we have 4 internationally recognized programs that will help you prepare in strategic ways to guarantee best results.

Course OptionsLevelsweeks
DELE Exam Preparation
20 or 30 Spanish classes
All levelsFlexible
SIELE Exam Preparation
20 group classes + 10 Private Spanish classes
All levelsMinimum 1
Madrid Chamber of Commerce Exam Preparation
20 Spanish classes + 5 culture & conversation workshops + 5 semi-private classes
Required level B2Minimum 1
CSSE Exam Preparation
Exam + official diploma
Required level A24 weeks

Earn the Spanish Certification That Works Best For You

Prepare for the DELE Exam

The DELE is the most popular Spanish proficiency exam. It is based on the European Common Framework of Reference and recognized by the prestigious Instituto Cervantes and the Spanish Ministry of Education. At Enforex, we offer fun Spanish certification courses designed to help you prepare and pass any of the DELE's six levels (from A1 beginner to C2 near native levels). Choose 20 or 30 Spanish classes a week to be fully prepared for the DELE exam.

Prepare for the SIELE Exam

The SIELE is an internationally-recognized exam that was created to test the richness of Spanish as a living language (there are over 400 million Spanish-speakers!) and it can be taken in separate modular pieces to score you on speaking, writing, reading and listening separately. Instead of being on paper, SIELE exam is done on a software application. Our Siele Exam Preparation Course focuses on the knowledge you need for the exam.

Business Spanish and Madrid Chamber of Commerce Exam

This course helps you earn an official Business Spanish certificate awarded by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce. The exam focuses on professional language and specific vocabulary invaluable in the workplace. Topics include everything related to international business, finance, trade, tourism, politics and legislation. Spanish is one of the most important languages in international business affairs and will give you an advantage in the professional world no matter where you are headed in life. To take this Spanish certification course, you must have a minimum Spanish level of B2 (intermediate).

CSSE Exam Preparation

One of the requirements to obtain Spanish nationality is to have the certificate of CCSE (Test of Constitutional and Sociocultural Knowledge of Spain). At Enforex we help you to register for the test and we will advise you to do it successfully in one of our exam centers.

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