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Pamplona Travel Guide - Introduction

Welcome to Pamplona!

Pamplona, or "Iruña" in the Basque language, is the capital of the autonomous Spanish region of Navarra and has approximately 196,000 inhabitants. Navarra is bordered by France to the north, Basque country to the west, La Rioja to the southwest and Aragón to the southeast. From here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and landscapes of the region. Only a short drive away are the pristine beaches of San Sebastián, the fascinating Pyrenees mountains, the famous vineyards of La Rioja and much more!

The center of Pamplona is quite small; in an hour you can peruse the bulk of the city either on foot or via the efficient public bus system. The city's green zones are impressive; in fact, about 20% of the urban area is comprised of parks and pedestrian areas. The museums nad monuments Pamplona are also definitely worth seeing. The history of Pamplon dates back to before Roman times, providing visitors with plenty of things to discover!

Only a few of the city's residents speak English in Pamplona and the town is different from other tourist-laden Spanish cities. While some locals still speak Basque, the city provides the perfect environment for to learn Spanish and practice your skills. Spanish dominates throughout the streets of Pamplona and the regional accent is both clear and easy for foreigners to understnad. The city of Pamplona also enjoys a populous student body thanks to the three local universities; this has consquently led to a young and relaxed atmosphere.

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