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Having Fun at Camp - FAQ

What will my child be doing outside of classtime?

Classes make up only one part of our summer camp experiences. Classes are held on weekday mornings, meaning that your child or teen will spend the afternoons, evenings, and weekends having fun, making friends, participating in activities, and practicing languages all the while.


What kinds of activities are scheduled at the camps?

We don't want our campers to have a single dull moment during their time at camp, which is why we fill up afternoons and weekends with all sorts of different things to do. We offer cultural workshops, off-campus visits, weekend excursions, sports, board games, contests, treasure hunts, escape rooms... the list is endless!


Do children and teenagers participate together in the same activities?

Activities are designed and organized to be age appropriate and we always keep in mind that, by nature, young children and teenagers have different abilities and interests.


Are activities and excursions supervised?

Yes. Your child's counselor will supervise all on-campus activities as well as accompany your child and the rest of his / her group on all off-campus excursions.


What is the difference between regular sports activities and "optional sports"?

A variety of sports activities are included in the price as part of the regular camp programming and are open to all campers.

Our optional sports are for students who want to focus several hours each week on learning and improving their skills in a particular sport. These programs include several hours of lessons with a professional instructor and are not part of the general camp programming. If your child wishes to focus on one of our optional sports, you must book and pay ahead of time, as optional sports have limited spaces and are not included in the summer camp price.


How much do activities and excursions cost?

Activities and excursions are part of the general programming of the camp, meaning that they are included in the price of your child's program.

Keep in mind, however, that spending money for souvenirs, off-campus snacks, etc. are not included and there may also be some optional special activities which will come at an additional cost.


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