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Language Classes at Camp - FAQ

What languages can my child learn at camp?

Summer camp participants study either Spanish or English. Learn more about our language classes here: Summer Language Courses


My child has never taken a language course before. Are there classes for beginners at camp?

Of course! Our language classes are available at 6 different levels ranging from total beginner to proficiency.


Do the teachers have experience working with kids?

In addition to having university degrees and the Certificate of Teaching Ability (CAP), our hand-picked language teachers are highly qualified, energetic, and have experience teaching young people of all ages. They implement a variety of approaches, techniques, and activities that aim to reach out to every learning type and age group and ensure that learning is fun.


How do you determine my child's language level?

On the very first day of camp, participants will take a written and oral language test to determine their corresponding language level. The results of these tests are immediate, meaning that just after the test all students will be grouped by level and age into the appropriate language course. This gives students the opportunity to make the very most of their language experience!


Will my child be given any textbooks or other study materials? How much do they cost? Can my child keep them?

In addition to a variety of classroom aids and handouts, we give each student a kit of academic materials on the first day of class. The kits, which are designed for each age group and subdivided into language levels, consist mainly of a textbook and workbook. The materials are included in the program price and are for your child to keep.


How many students are in a class?

To ensure individualized attention and optimal learning, we have established a maximum of 15 students per classroom.


What is the class schedule like?

Students will have four classes every morning before lunch from Monday to Friday. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes. Once classes let out and lunch is over, students will spend their afternoons involved in a variety of other activities, ranging from sports and games to cultural visits and workshops.


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