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Arrival & Departure - FAQ

What are the camp starting dates?

The starting dates at our camps vary by camp and by year. For each camp's upcoming dates, please see: Camp Dates


When should my child arrive for/depart from camp?

The first day of your child's camp session is always a Sunday and the last day is always a Saturday. Please make your child's travel plans accordingly.

Additionally, if you wish to take advantage of our bus transfer, your child should arrive at the Madrid airport before 9:00am on the first day of the session (Sunday) and their return flight should be scheduled for late afternoon or evening on the final day of the program (Saturday). Please check our bus schedule before planning your trip to Spain.


How will my child get from the airport to the camp?

For your convenience and peace of mind, we provide a bus service from Madrid to all of our camps in Spain on the first day of every two-week camp session. We will pick up students at the airport and bring them to the buses awaiting them at the Santiago Bernabéu football stadium. For more details, please see: Camp Transportation

If you wish, you can also arrange a private airport pick-up; one of our staff members - holding a sign with the camp logo and your child's name - will wait for your child at the airport and bring them to camp.


What if my child's flight is delayed or cancelled?

In case of emergency, please call +34 636 450 998.


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