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Will my child be with Spanish students?

Yes. In our summer camps, we mix 40% international students with 60% Spanish students.


Should my child bring spending money?

The program price does not include pocket money, and we recommend that each child brings along a bit of spending money to buy gifts, souvenirs, etc. Naturally, students with off-campus permission are likely to spend a bit more money, as they may take advantage of their off-campus privileges to go to the movies, get a bite to eat, visit a museum, etc.

For your peace of mind, we even have a camp bank that students may use for safekeeping. This system keeps students' funds safe as well as helps them learn to budget.


Why are there three camps in Marbella? What's the difference? Are they near each other?

While we do indeed have three summer camps in Marbella, each camp is quite different and caters to a different age range. The Marbella Elviria camp welcomes students ages 5 to 13, the Marbella Las Chapas camp welcomes students 12 to 17, and the Marbella Centro camp welcomes students 14 to 18. Marbella Elviria and Marbella Las Chapas are actually located outside of the city, 12 and 8 kilometers (7.5 and 5 miles) from Marbella, respectively. The Marbella Centro camp, which is for older campers, is the only camp located in the center of Marbella.


What is the difference between a summer camp and a junior program?

The key difference between our summer camps and our junior programs is that our summer camps mix international and Spanish students, while the junior programs are designed for international students only. Additionally, the junior programs are for older campers (ages 14-18).


What should my child pack for camp?

When getting your child's suitcase ready for camp, simply keep in mind the nature of a summer camp as well as the fact that summers in Spain are quite hot and sunny. Your child will spend his / her afternoons and weekends playing sports, visiting the beach/pool, playing games, and in general, having fun and being active.

  • light summer clothing (t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, etc.)
  • appropriate footwear (sneakers, sandals, etc.)
  • pajamas
  • socks & undergarments
  • bathing suit
  • towels (1 for the shower, 1 for the beach/pool/etc.)
  • laundry bag marked with child's name
  • sunscreen
  • personal care products (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)
  • any medication taken by your child, along with instructions for its proper use
  • spending money

If you want to avoid the hassle of items of your child's clothing being forgotten, misplaced, or destroyed, you can purchase a camp uniform kit for your child. The kit includes 1 sweatshirt, 2 pairs of shorts, 6 t-shirts and a baseball cap.


My child is going to be at camp for several weeks. Will there be any type of laundry service available?

Yes. Every two weeks we provide a laundry service, which is included in the price of your child's summer program. Simply have your child bring a laundry bag with their name on it. It may also be advisable to mark all items of clothing with your child's name to ensure that nothing is lost.


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