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Getting in touch - FAQ

Will my child be able to reach me?

We absolutely understand the importance of being able to keep in touch with your child while he / she is away from home. That's while all of our summer program sites have telephones as well as computers with internet on campus for students to use during the designated hours.

Furthermore, we provide each of our camp participants with an international calling card which can be activated and charged at each camp's reception desk.


How can I get in touch with my child or his / her counselor?

We make it as easy as possible! Each camp has an answering machine which you can use to leave messages for your child as well as a 24-hour emergency number should you need to contact the camp's director. The details and numbers of both of these services will be provided to you prior to the start of your child's session at camp.

Additionally, your child will have access to computers with internet, meaning you can also reach your child via email.


Will my child be able to check his / her email?

Certainly. All of our summer camp and junior program sites have computers with internet access so that students can check their email.


My child has a cell phone. Can he / she use it at camp?

Yes. Students who have cell phones may use them to call home but only during the hours established by the camp.


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