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Counselors & Supervision - FAQ

How many counselors are there?

Every group of 8 to 12 students will have one camp counselor, who will act as their mentor and tutor as well as provide them with constant supervision. Our junior program camps vary slightly, in that there is one counselor per group of 12-15 students.


Are the counselors native speakers? Do they speak any other languages?

Our camp staff is made up of native Spanish speakers, though the vast majority - roughly 90% - of our counselors additionally speak English and other languages.


Will my child be supervised at all time?

Participants in our summer camp programs in Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella, Salamanca and Valencia will be supervised 100% of the time. Junior program participants in Granada and Sevilla will be supervised 75% of the time, as these programs are more independent by nature.


Does my child have to stay at the camp at all times? Will he / she be allowed on his / her own?

Students whose parents sign and send a consent form prior to the beginning of the camp and who were born in or prior to the year established each summer by the camp directors are permitted to leave the camp site on their own three times per two-week camp session (four times in Marbella Albergue). For more information, see Off Campus Permission


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