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Safety, Insurance, & Medical Care - FAQ

Will my child be supervised?

Yes. Campers are supervised 100% of the time by the counselors and teachers of our summer camps.

However, teenagers who have off-campus permission will be allowed to go outside of the camp in an unsupervised fashion during establised times. Learn more: off-campus permission


If necessary, is medical treatment available at the camp?

Yes. In order to ensure the well being of each camp participant, all of our camps have 24-hour first aid care available on campus.


Should I purchase international insurance for my child?

All participants in our summer camps in Spain will be covered by a standard insurance policy. You can see an overview of the policy here: Insurance Policy. If you want to obtain wider coverage, we recommend that you purchase this in your own country.

We also have an accident and civil liability insurance policy that covers minor accidents that may occur in our camps. We are not responsible for the loss or theft of students' personal property; if you are concerned about this, we we recommend you take out your own insurance policy.


My child is on medication. Do I need to disclose this?

If your child will be bringing their own medication to camp, please send it to camp with them along with instructions for its proper use. Please note that the camp program does not include the costs of non-generic medications.

It may also be advisable to request a medical report from your child's doctor detailing any special medical needs.


Is there a number I can call in case of emergency?

Along with the general emergency telephone number for our summer camps, +34 636 450 998, each camp has its own number which will be made available to you prior to the start of your child's summer camp program.


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