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Obligations binding on ASTES
By virtue of this coverage, the insured is guaranteed that, in the event of illness or accident, he will receive the following benefits:

2.1.1. All nature of medical and surgical treatment, examinations and complementary diagnosis in all the processes of any illness or accident which might arise within the dates on which the group trip takes place.
2.1.2. Transportation of the sick or injured person to a clinic, health centre or hospital.
2.1.3. Bed, upkeep and treatment of the sick person in the pertinent hospital for the above-mentioned surgical or medical assistance, to which assistance the restrictions laid down in the special conditions should apply.
2.1.4. While he or she is in the hospital, the sick person will be entitled to all the medicaments he or she requires (formulae, proprietary products and antibiotics); likewise, blood and plasma transfusions.
Outside of the hospital he or she will be entitled to the refund of the total cost of any pharmaceutical products which might have been prescribed for him or her by a medical practitioner. In severe processes and within the period in which the insurance policy is in force.
2.1.5. Bed and breakfast for one accompanying person in the hospital.
2.1.6. Extended hotel accommodation as a result of illness or accident, to be substantiated by a medical report, for the value of 21€ per day, and a maximum of 147€.
2.1.7. Transportation of the insured to his or her habitual residence outside Spain, in cases of serious illness or accident, subsequent to prior medical justification, which transportation shall be undertaken exclusively by regular airline, tourist class, or by sea, in a similar class, and shall not exceed the maximum amount insured. The means of transport shall be determined by ASTES in accordance with medical assessment.
2.1.8. In case of loss of life, transportation of the body of hte insured to his or her habitual residence outside Spain, not exceeding the maximum amount insured.

Obligations of the insured
The insure binds him or herself to fulfil the following requirements:
2.1.9. For the validity of this guarantee, the insured is under obligation to comply strictly with the medical prescriptions at the centre recommended by the doctor.
2.1.10. The total amount pertaining to the pharmaceutical products will be refunded on presentation of the prescription issued by the medical practitioner and stamped and valued by the chemist.
2.1.11. Payment of the extended hotel accommodation must be applied for by the insured in a written document, to which the medical certificate recommending the same must be attached.

2.1.12. The refund of the cost of any pharmaceutical products which might have been prescribed prior to the applicability period of the Insurance Policy or for the treatment of pre-existing or chronic illnesses.
2.1.13. Check-ups
2.1.14. Illnesses of any type which might arise in the country where the insured has his or her residence.
2.1.15. The treatment of mental and / or nervous disorders of any kind, of alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide attempts; likewise, repatriation owing to the above situations.
2.1.16. Plastic surgery, orthopaedics, prosthesis (dental, hearing, etc.), orthopaedic material and the reparation of either.
2.1.17. Illnesses existing prior to the applicability of the coverage established in the policy.
2.1.18. Chronic illnesses.
2.1.19. The coverage of health assistance will cease as soon as the insured leaves Spanish territory.


Obligations of ASTES
2.2.1. By virtue of this coverage, the insured or his or her beneficiaries is guaranteed the receipt of compensation for death or bodily injury caused by circumstances that are accidental, spontaneous, external, violent and outside the control of the insured, during his or her stay in Spain.
2.2.2. The insurance policy also covers death or bodily injury suffered by passengers as a result of air accidents, both in aeroplanes belonging to regular lines and in non-regular and charter flights, authorised in accordance with the legal and conventional rules in force.
2.2.3. Injuries eligible for compensation are death and total or partial disability, provided that they have arisen within the year subsequent to the accident.
2.2.4. Total disability is the total loss of sight or of both arms, legs, hands or feet, or of one arm or hand and one leg or foot.
2.2.5. Partial disability is the loss of one eye, or of one arm or hand, or of one leg or foot.

Obligations of the insured
2.2.6. On the occurrence of an accident to those covered by this Policy, the insured or his or her beneficiaries shall give written notice of the same, within a maximumterm of eight days, to the Association at its head offices or any of its branches, giving any details of the occurrence with which he or she may be acquainted, including, at least, the place, day and hour at which the accident took place, and the reasons that caused it. If the accident takes place while traveling on the regular airlines, the testimony of hte person in charge of the aeroplane must be requested or of the nearest aerodrome and forwarded to the company concerted, together with the preceding notification.

2.2.7. Persons under fourteen years of age or incapacitated will receive no compensation for accidental death, as stipulated in article 83 of the Law 50/80, of the 8 of October.

2.2.8. Accidents that occur in air taxis and private aeroplanes.
2.2.9. Accidents suffered by the insured when taking part in sports competitions.
2.2.10. Death or bodily injury ensuing from suicide or attempted suicide, and accidents caused by the rash and careless behaviour of the insured or as a result of his or her drunkenness or of an illness of any kind.


Obligations of ASTES
2.3.1. ASTES binds itself to compensate the insured once only, with an amount not exceeding that established in the Special Conditions, for the theft, with violence or intimidation to persons or the use of force on objects, of the luggage owned by the latter, which theft shall be accredited by virtue of a report made to the competent authorities, or for damage caused to the same, as a result of an accident of any nature, or of the outbreak of a fire in the means of transport.
2.3.2. In the event of the loss or theft of luggage, accredited by means of a report ot the competent authority, ASTES undertakes to compensate the insured up to the maximum amount indicated in the Special Conditions.
2.3.3. In either case, valuable objects with a minimum unitary value of 60 euros (furs, photographic or video cameras, etc.) are included in this coverage - up to an overall maximum amount of 20% of the total insured value.

Oblitations of the insured
2.3.4. In the event of robbery, loss, theft or damage inflicted on luggage in teh above indicated circumstances, the insured undertakes to notify it directly to ASTES, or to its provincial branches within a maximum term of fifteen days, enclosing, where necessary, the document accrediting the report to the competent authority and the valuation of the objects stolen or damaged. The said term will begin to run on the day following that on which the accident occurred.

2.3.5. Jewellery or works of art
2.3.6. Money or representative symbols of it.
2.3.7. Any type of document, film, cassette or radio or video tapes.
2.3.8. All those objects in general which do not form part of the luggage of the insured.

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