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March / April: Semana Santa (Holy Week)
Salamanca's "Semana Santa" celebrations are among the most impressive in Spain, with massive processions emerging from the city's soaring Gothic cathedral. "Lunes de Aguas," the Monday proceeding Easter, marks a distinctive Salmantino tradition. In the Middle Ages, this was the day that prostitutes were re-welcomed to the city after their temporary exile to the other side of the Tormes River during Lent. Nowadays, locals remember the tradition by picnicking outdoors and eating "hornazo," a traditional meat pie, leaving behind the somber penitence of weeks past to revel in the cheerful company of friends and family.

Salamanca Cathedral

June: El Día de San Juan de Sahagún
On June 12, Salamanca celebrates San Juan de Sahagún, the city's patron saint. Highlights include fireworks, bullfights, and a quaint baroque market full of regional handmade products. Everyone takes off work and school to join in the festivities and, of course, party 'til they drop.

September: Las Ferias de Salamanca
All kinds of music and dance, temporary fair grounds, fireworks, outdoor concerts, theatrical productions and bullfights fill the second week of September for Salamanca's annual fair.

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