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Havana Fast Facts

Population2.4 million (approx.)
GeographyCuba's northwestern coastline, located on the Gulf of Mexico.
ClimateHavana enjoys a pleasant, year-round tropical climate influenced by warm offshore currents as well as Cuba's location in the belt of trade winds. Heaviest rainfall in June and October; least rainfall from December to April.
Average Temperatures Average daily highs range from 72ºF (22ºC) in January / February to 82ºF (28ºC) in August.
Local fareKnown as "comida criolla" (Creole food). Plentiful, tasty and generally pretty greasy. Cuban staples: congrí (rice with black beans), fried plantains, chuletas (thin filets), lomo ahumado (smoked loin), lobster or shrimp "ajillo" (sauteed in garlic & oil), mojo (tasty sauce), ropa vieja (dish of shredded beef simerd in tomato-based sauce), ostiones (oysters with tomato sauce & lime juice), fried chicken, rum cocktails, ice cream, flan (baked custard).
Tourist Offices Buró de Convenciones de Cuba
Address: Calle M between Calles 17 & 19, Vedado
Tel: 66 20 15
Address: Terminal 3, Airport
Tel: 66 61 01
Did you know?Ernest Hemingway lived near Havana for over 20 years, during which he wrote The Old Man and the Sea. The novel's fishing village was based on the little port town of Cojímar, where Hemingway kept his own fishing boat, and the main character was based on a local fisherman he knew.

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