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Spanish Courses in Havana, Cuba

Courses in Havana

Who would not want to visit this charming old world paradise? With Spanish courses in Havana, you will be able to split your time between studying this amazing language and exploring the local area with all the fascinating aspects of Cuban culture.

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Spanish Courses in Havana, Cuba

Unlike our other language schools, Havana provides a uniquely intimate learning experience. Rather than meeting at a central school complex, classes are held in a variety of places: the teacher’s own home, a space in the house of the host family, or a cultural centre for the mini group courses. Everything is based in the safe residential area of Vedado, where gorgeous old Art Deco buildings jostle for space alongside murals made by well known Cuban artists. It is a breath taking area to study in, that will really plunge you into the Cuban culture and teach you a lot about the country.

As if being in this remarkable city and being able to wander along past the Baroque and Neoclassical monuments of other neighbourhoods, as well as visiting the beautifully blue sparkling waters at the coastline, was not enough, you can take some unique courses that are not available in other Spanish speaking countries. Two courses in particular give a great outlook on Cuba itself, and let you really get involved.

Cuban dance in Havana

The Cuban dance and Spanish course is set up to allow you to enjoy watching and learning traditional dances such as rumba, salsa, mamba, and son. Everything depends on your level of experience, so do not worry that you will be too much of a beginner (or that you know too much about these dances already) – the qualified instructors will be able to bring you in and teach you all that you need. You will have the chance to take private lessons, so there is no problem if you worry about being embarrassed in front of other students, but you can also practice with others too if you wish.

The second course that is particular to Cuba is the Cuban music and Spanish program, which takes you through guitar and percussion lessons centred around traditional Cuban music styles. If you already have some knowledge of the instruments, or if you are a complete beginner, you will love studying the fun and entertaining Cuban music styles on offer, with music that complements the traditional dance styles so enjoyed in bars and clubs across Cuba.

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