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Pamplona Fast Facts

PopulationApprox. 180,000
Autonomous CommunityNavarra
LanguagesSpanish and Basque (Euskera)
GeographyPamplona is set on a plateau, in mountainous region of northern Spain.
ClimateThe weather is generally mild, though it may be very hot in summer/ very cold in winter. Winter are rainy; there are usually 132 rainy days per year.
Average Yearly Temperature 12.4ºC (54.3ºF)
Local fare "Pisto" (a kind of Spanish ratatouille) and many other vegetables; spicy sausages like chorizo and "txistorra"; beef, lamb and pork dishes.
Tourist Officec/ Hilarión Eslava, Planta Baja
Tel (+34) 848-420420
Did you know? The San Fermín festival - with its famous "Running of the Bulls" - used to be celebrated in autumn. However, in 1591, the Pamploneses decided they were sick of the rainy fall weather and decided to move their Patron Saint day to July 7th, which it has remained to this day.
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