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Málaga Travel Guide - Introduction

Welcome to Málaga, the capital of the famous Costa del Sol (Coast of the Sun).

If it's the hot, sunny Andalusia that you want to get to know, there's no better starting point than Málaga. It's located right on the shores of the Mediterranean and not far from other well-known cities like Marbella, Granada, Córdoba and Sevilla.

Even if Málaga isn't quite as well known as some of its Andalusian neighbors, it's just as packed with history and culture. In the city you can, for example, discover a Roman amphitheater from the 3rd century, a Muslim strong hold from the 6th century and a beautiful 8th-century cathedral where a mosque was found. The city is marked both by its long-time Islamic heritage as well as its coastal location.

Moreover, art lovers will revel in the recently-opened Picasso Museum. Málaga is actually Picasso's birthplace and in this museum you can trace Picasso's works from the very beginning.

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