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If you come to stay in Malaga while you are taking a course at the Spanish language school that we have there, you will experience the authentic Spanish culture of Andalusia, which is very interesting and features a lot of festivals as well as great cuisine, with a focus on seafood in particular. The properties available to rent through Enforex in this beautiful city will make you feel like a true Spaniard, as you can integrate yourself in a more authentic daily life as well as getting used to the customs which are associated with Spain and with the way that people live here. Not only will this be a fun experience for you, but it will also help you to understand the language and the people who speak it a lot better, which will do wonders for your ability to capitalize on your Spanish lessons.

In terms of accommodation, a host family will allow you to integrate fully into the Spanish way of life by living day to day surrounded by the Hispanic culture. Alternatively, you can choose to stay in a shared flat with other students and discover the city at your own pace. The host family is the option which is best for those who really want to get into the culture and the way of life here, as the idea is that you are treated by the family as though you are one of them, making you feel right at home from the start; you will eat some of your meals with them as well as being able to talk to them whenever you would like to in order to practice your language skills and make sure that you are getting the most out of your lessons and keeping that new vocabulary in your head.

The shared apartment is also an interesting choice which will give you huge benefits, as living with other students is something that will really help you to learn yourself. The reason for this is the fact that having everyone together who is interested in learning will make a more studious environment, and you may even want to share the things that you have learned with one another in order to practice them and push yourself forward. This will also help you in the element of socializing and getting to see the city itself, as you will meet a lot of new people and you will be able to go out in a group with them if you do not want to explore on your own. Of course, if you do not go for this option, you can still meet other students at the Enforex school, as we have common and study areas in which you can get to know the others who are taking classes with us at the same time as yours!

The following Enforex options in terms of accommodations are available for those students who choose to stay in Malaga:

Accommodations in Malaga
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