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Feb - March: Carnaval
Preceding Lent, Malagueños party for 10 days with costumes, carriage-drawn parades and dancing. It's a fun and vibrant time of year to study Spanish all throughout Andalusia.

June: Fiestas de San Juan
Beachside bonfires and flaming "juas" - colorful cloth caricatures filled with sawdust - constitute this festival, which welcomes the onset of summer. Legend claims that those who bathe in the sea at midnight on the 23rd will be granted eternal beauty.

August: Feria de Malaga
The annual Feria de Malaga finds its origins in the 1487 Catholic "reconquista" of the city. Visitors the world over participate in a variety of festivities, and friendly malagueños welcome the southern Spanish hospitality so typical to this region.

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