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Buenos Aires Fast Facts

Population13 million (approx.)
GeographyLocated on the southeastern coast of the South American continent in the pampa region and on the southern shore of the Rio de la Plata.
ClimateHumid subtropical climate, with hot summers and cool, damp winters. Moderate rainfall year round: in summer hard but short downpours, in winter more days of constant drizzle.
Average Yearly Temperature17.6ºC (63.7ºF)
Local fareCharcoal-grilled meats, international cuisine with ethnic touches, strong Italian and Spanish influences, wine, empanadas (meat pies), dulce de leche ("milk jam").
Tourist OfficeNational Tourism Ministry
Address: Santa Fé 883
Tel: 4312-2232
Numerous tourist information offices throughout the city as well as in the airport, bus station, etc.
Did you know? Buenos Aires is often considered the "Paris of South America" due to the strong European influences in the cuisine, architecture, atmosphere, etc.
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