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Barcelona Fast Facts

Population1,650,000 (approx.- city center)
Autonomous CommunityCatalonia/ Cataluña/ Catalunya
LanguagesSpanish & Catalan - the city is officially bilingual
GeographyLocated on Spain's northeast Mediterranean Coast.
ClimateTypically Mediterranean – hot summers and mild winters.
Average Yearly Temperature 17.5ºC (63.5º F)
Local fareRice and fideu (skinny noodle) dishes, seafood, pan tomaca (toast rubbed with tomato and garlic), crema catalana
Tourist OfficePlaça de Catalunya 17-S
Tel (+34) 807 117 222
Offices also located at El Prat Airport and Estació Sants train station.
Did you know?Catalonia's founding father, circa 878 AD, was named Guifré el Pelós: Wilfred the Hairy!

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