Paddle Tennis
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Madrid, Malaga, Marbella, Salamanca
12 lessons per two-week period

Paddle tennis is a sport that's becoming increasingly popular. At all our camps, lessons will be led by professionals who will adapt the content of each lesson to the level and abilities of each student.

Those just starting out will begin by getting to know the rules of the sport and practicing the basic swings, serving and hitting the ball back and forth with the coach. Students who already have an intermediate level will spend the lessons perfecting their serves and swings and adapting them to their position as they move around the court.

Paddle tennis classes will take place at Greenlife in Marbella, at Colego Unamuno in Malaga, at Campo de Tiro y Deportes in Salamanca, and at our own camp facilities in Madrid.

Summer Camps with Paddle Tennis Lessons

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