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Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella, Salamanca
12 lessons per two-week period

Tennis is one of the most complete types of exercise. Our lessons are designed both for students who are being initiated into the sport and those who already have some experience under their belt. Beginners will learn basic swings and serve fundamentals, while also getting to know the rules of the game.

Intermediate level campers will work on perfecting their swings, serves, and smashes. Our qualified coaches will guide them through how to shift their weight, different types of grips, and how best to attack from different positions, from the back of the court to the net.

Our tennis lessons always take place very close to the camps. In Marbella, they are held at the prestigious Greenlife Marbella. In Barcelona, students practice at Centro Olímpico Vall d'Hebrón. Our campers in Madrid use the tennis facilities on campus, while tennis lessons in Salamanca are held at Campo de Tiro y Deportes.

Summer Camps with Tennis

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