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Summer Camps with Soccer

For this summer, we offer soccer training:

Optional summer soccer program

16 lessons/ two-week session

Summer camp soccer in Spain is suitable for all levels, from beginner through to experienced players and allows those on the sports camp with aspirations to be like Maradona or Messi to spend the summer honing their skills. In this course taught over a 2 week period, our camps go beyond just playing for the sake of play; they teach skills such as soccer tactics, sports techniques and exercises which foster team spirit, a wholesome sense of competitiveness, and an understanding of how healthy playing soccer is. It’s a fantastic complement to language lessons.

Signing up for Soccer

  • Due to scheduling conflicts, students who enroll in summer camp soccer may not always be able to participate in all of the other camp activities.
  • Soccer program spaces are limited, so we encourage parents to register their child as soon as possible to reserve a spot
  • You must book and pay for summer camp with soccer at least two weeks before the student’s arrival
  • Campers can only take 1 optional sport per two-week camp period
  • Once the program has started, cancellations are not permitted

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