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Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Marbella, Valencia
16 lessons per two-week period

Soccer is the most popular sport in Spain and around the world; no Spanish summer camp would be complete without it! Falling in love with this sport is a great way for campers to connect with international friends and practice their Spanish as they get exercise. Students will learn different soccer techniques and put them into practice during games with their peers.

Our specialized coaches adapt the lessons to each camper's age and ability, from beginner to advanced. This allows young people who aspire to be the next Maradona or Messi to make the most of the summer as they hone their skills.

With this activity, our camps give students more than just a fun time: we offer lessons where they can learn sports tactics, exercises, and techniques. They'll also form part of a multicultural team, practice healthy competition, and learn how playing sports helps keep us healthy. Without a doubt, soccer lessons offer a wonderful experience to add to language classes.

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