Summer Camp Activity Program
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Learn Through Play

Enforex summer camp programming is designed to ensure that there's never a dull moment between the time campers wake and the time they go to bed.

After morning language classes let out for the day, the afternoons and evenings are packed with a variety of activities, all designed to be age-appropriate, enriching, and entertaining! We divide the summer camp activity program into four categories:

Get your hands dirty

Creativity - Our campers get inspired with arts and crafts activities focused on Spanish artists like Picasso or Dalí, magic workshops, music therapy and jam sessions, Spanish cooking classes, flamenco dancing, theater workshops, photography challenges, and more.

Start problem solving

Leadership - International students work together as they face fun challenges ranging from escape rooms to scavenger hunts throughout the city; science experiments to mystery games; trivia nights to the perennial summer camp classic, Capture the Flag.

Make a difference

Solidarity - Contributing to the local community and connecting with nature are important learning experiences for kids and teens. Campers will enjoy learning about recycling, cleaning up beaches and other natural environments, planting seeds, hiking, and having a picnic surrounded by nature.

Let loose

Guaranteed Fun - Campers have a chance to unwind with new friends during talent shows, flash mob performances, outdoor movie nights, stargazing activities, and theme nights with costume competitions.

Students looking for extra fun can also sign up for one of our optional activities.

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