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Monteverde was founded in the 1950's by a small group of Quakers from Alabama, USA who were avoiding being sent to war. They chose the serene location of what would become Monteverde for a couple of reasons. First off, Costa Rica had a non-violent, army-free constitution... just what these member of the peaceful Quaker religion desired. Secondly, the cool mountain climate was ideal for raising cattle. Frmo that day on, the group of 11 families took to a simple way of life living off the land, raising cattle and making cheese.

Over half a century later, Monteverde continues to be a retreat from the stresses of today's modern world. Monteverde is an interesting choice to learn Spanish in Latin America becase the locals resist modernization - the town still has unpaved roads - and conserves its peaceful way of life. Surrounded by lush tropical forests, it has become a paradise of ecotourism and a model for a "green", environmentally conscious way of life.

So if you're a nature lover with an adventurous heart, get ready for an unforgettable trip that will have you zip-lining from tree top to tree top, hiking trails of all types, exploring unspoiled natural reserves and basking in the rich diversity of tropical flora and fauna.

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