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Learn Spanish while attending a buffet

There are many ways to expand your Spanish vocabulary through everyday activities, but few are as sophisticated and at the same time as fun as attending a buffet. During this activity you will not only get to study Spanish culture with particular emphasis on the topics of food and drink but you will also get to speak about foreign culture in Spanish.

One of the most complicated exercises you might have to do when enriching your Spanish vocabulary involves getting to know all the terms which you can use to refer to specific dishes, ingredients or types of food in general. The complexity increases when you come across some particular dishes which have not been translated, but adapted to Spanish.

Equally or still more difficult is getting to know and distinguishing between those foods whose names have been translated but only slightly modified from their original languages.

A buffet therefore becomes one of the best ways to study Spanish in Spain while representing a fun and tasty way to do it. The advantages of these types of restaurants, at least the high quality ones, are that they offer diners a varied menu with appetizers, starters, main dishes and desserts.

Buffet restaurants often set a card in front of every plate with their Spanish names. It is a quick and effective way to identify each type of food and to know how to write it.  Of course, a specialized Spanish language dictionary will allow you to get to know how to pronounce each dish correctly, especially when the food has been “adapted” such as those derived from Japanese or Italian cuisine, for example.

Therefore, as an alternative to classical cultural excursions or to the practice of asking for a typical Coca-Cola with a hamburger and chips in a fast-food restaurant, a good option is to go to a buffet. Almost without realizing it everybody will enrich their Spanish vocabulary, while also filling their stomachs with rich delicacies.

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