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Our Program for Engineers

Spanish is quickly becoming a powerful language that is increasingly important in the business world. The vital importance of knowing how to speak our language is increasing every day.

A good example of this is the field of engineering: many specialists in this field are needed in Spanish speaking countries, many of which are now emerging economies. There are many attractive projects in Latin America; the investment that these countries are making in infrastructure is becoming greater every day.

Because of this, if you are a professional in the field or an Engineering student, and you have an intermediate level of Spanish, why not come study Spanish with us? We offer a specialized course that will help you understand all of the terminology necessary to complete your work in any Spanish speaking country.

This course has various advantages. It is an intensive course, allowing you to learn the most possible in the least amount of time; various trips to companies are included in the course so that you can learn about their methods and practices firsthand; and we also offer you the opportunity to complete an internship at a company in the field.

This is a great opportunity that will give a huge boost to your career! If you know that Spanish is an essential language in your field… we’ve got you covered!

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