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If you know Spanish, don’t you think it’s time to prove it to the world? We propose officially certifying your Spanish skills by earning the DELE diploma (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera).

This certificate is the only Spanish language diploma that is officially recognized by the Spanish government; it’s granted by the Cervantes Institute and it’s highly valued by learning institutions and companies around the world.

What better way to boost your career than by obtaining a diploma that officially certifies your ability to use the second most spoken language in the world, speak with millions of people from emerging markets and understand great literary works in their original language?

If you are going to take the exam, remember that the DELE certificate is offered at various levels, so you’ll have to decide which level to take the exam at according to the level you want to earn the certificate in. Also keep in mind that the higher levels of the exam are longer and at the highest level it can even take over five hours to complete. s

Since this is an official diploma, the dates for the exams are set at the beginning of the year. That allows us to offer two types of courses that you can choose from depending on your time availability: one that begins two weeks before the exam and another that begins four months before the exam. We encourage you to see our website for more information on dates and levels.

For both these courses we use teaching material specifically designed to prepare candidates to take the DELE exam at their level. We also use complementary material that will help you apply your skills to specific situations. You’ll not only prepare yourself to take the DELE exam, later you’ll find that you can apply what you’ve learned in class to everyday situations!

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