Enforex Summer
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Enforex Summer (#VeranoEnforex)

Did you know that if you share your favorite photo of your experience with us, you could win an amazing GoPro camera?

Yep, we’re being blunt, but it’s because we hope you’ll participate and have a chance to win this great prize! So, how do you do it?

It’s easy, very easy. Just upload a photo or video of the great time you’re having learning Spanish with us to your favorite social media platform, and don’t forget the hashtag #VeranoEnforex. Every day we’ll choose one photo or video from among the ones we’ve received, and at the end of the season, we’ll choose the best of the best, which will win our fabulous prize!

Have you discovered all the best tapas in Madrid? Is there a terrace in Salamanca that you just love? What’s your favorite spot in your favorite park in Barcelona? Have you taken a picture in Seville that you want to share with the whole world?

It’s time to get more than just “likes” on your Facebook profile, Twitter or Instagram accounts for it. Share this special image with us and you could be taking even better pictures on your next vacation with your amazing new GoPro camera!

You have all summer to choose your favorite image. This contest lasts the entire summer season! But as you know… the best art comes out of inspiration and the moment! So, take the picture that best sums up your experience with us and share it!

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