Common party vocabulary
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Common party vocabulary

Are you going to a party this week? If you are, then there are a few Spanish words you’ll have to know. Here are a few of them:

  • Invitación: this word refers to the act of inviting someone to a party and to the actual paper given to give permission to join the party.
  • Guateque: this word with Caribbean origins refers to a house party. It was quite popular in the 1960’s.
  • Disfraz: this could be a costume of your favorite cartoon character, a historical figure, or a costume that just disguises your identity… disfraz means a costume that hides your identity and gives you a different one.
  • Party
  • Guirnalda: : this means either garland or wreath, two forms of decoration that help set a festive mood at some parties.
  • Ambigú: : in Andalucia, this is what they call a buffet, where guests can choose from different food offerings and help themselves to however much they want.
  • Cóctel: : mixed drinks (“light” or not) this item should always be included at any good party. Remember that technically, sangria is a cóctel.
  • Parranda: this word is used to describe wild partying; but not in the Dominican Republic, where the term is more specific and refers only to wild partying at night, and in Venezuela it means a folkloric event in which a group dances around a person dressed up in a costume.

We won’t keep you any longer since you probably have a party to get to. Have fun and don’t forget these words!

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