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The heat of Spain (torrá, bochorno, caloría...)

Heat, heat and more heat: summer is an important and very heated moment in Spain and in the street you'll hear everyone talking about it. We probably don't notice it much, but there are many ways to name what we feel as heat in Spain. Here are some examples:

  • Achichararse: this word comes from the verb Achicharar which means "to fry or to cook food until it has a burnt flavor". We're sure that an image of a sunburned person is the first thing that comes to mind.
  • Bochorno: This is a suffocating humid heat found around mid-day. Curiously, this word also means "a preoccupation provoked by something bothersome or shameful". Can it be that the heat made your face turn red from embarrassment?
  • heat of Spain
  • Caloría: The famous thermal unit of measurement that we must all burn off in the gym is also a more informal name to what we said above: bochorno. The use of this word is considered colloquial but you may often hear it.
  • Calufa: This is the word used to describe the oppressive heat in Andalusia and the Canary Islands.
  • Flama: The extreme heat in Andalusia is given this name in certain parts. Curiously, in Seville this word is used to describe something good or exquisite.
  • Galbana: In Extremadura this word is used to describe a heat-induced laziness. We're sure you've experienced galbana at one time or another.
  • Resistidero: In La Mancha, this is what the hours of the afternoon are called, when the heat is at its most oppressive.
  • Torrá: This word comes from the verb Torrar which meast "to toast". Now, when you hear "¡Vaya torrá!" you can imagine that it's hot enough to toast bread.

There really is no limit to describe the heat and if you would like to learn more expressions related to this subject, all you have to do is step out onto the street this summer.

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