Things to do in Antigua
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Things to do in Antigua

Go museum hopping
Antigua has a handful of surprisingly interesting little museums that will transport you back in time with books, furniture, artwork, weaponry and much more that date back hundreds of years to Antigua's affluent glory days.

Museo de arte colonial, Antigua
  • Museo de arte colonial / Museum of Colonial Art
  • Museo de Santiago / Santiago Museum
  • Museo del libro antiguo / Antique Book Museum

Explore the ruins
Many of Antigua's most interesting and most visited sites are, strange as it may sound, in complete ruins. The bulk of Antigua was ... in the devastating earthquake of 1773, which resulted in Antigua's near-abandonment and the designation of present-day Guatemala City as the new capital of Guatemala. When the city was ordered abandoned, the ruins of magnificent churches, convents and government buildings were left as they were. Many have been at least partially restored and all are fascinating to visit.

Hike a volcano!
Antigua is quite literally surrounded by volcanoes, several of which make for fantastic day trips for outdoorsy types who are up for a good hike. Pacaya Volcano, which is still active, is Guatemala's most popular for a visit, as it is almost always in a state of slow-moving eruption and visitors can see the glowing magma. The other active volcano, Fuego Volcano, has more violent eruptions and hiking tours a) depend on that day's volcanic activity and b) never approach the crater. The two nearest dormant volcanoes, Agua Volcano and Acatenango Volcano, have longer hikes and thanks to their higher altitude provide fantastic panoramic vistas.

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