Tapas That You Can't Miss
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Tapas That You Can't Miss

The concept of the tape is very simple and easy to understand: a small hors d'oeuvre served to accompany a drink. But from this simple idea greatness has been achieved (anyone that has gone on a tapas tour will know what I mean). Today there are all kinds of tapas including those singular or cutting edge creations from some of the world's best chefs. But what are those tapas that you have to try no matter what?

The classic slice of Spanish ham. Not only was it the first tapa in history, it is also one of those simple pleasures that we discover in life. If it is simple and works, why change it?

  • Croquetas. These creations have their origins in French cuisine, but we've perfected them! You can find them made with ham, chicken, salted cod (bacalao), wild mushrooms and many other tastes and flavors. Variety is the spice of life!
  • Cheese
  • Cheese: Another can't miss classic (as long as you are not lactose intolerant). We are fortunate to have a great variety of cheeses so that means that you can go from bar to bar and never repeat a cheese.
  • Tortilla española: The world famous Spanish omelet can be enjoyed in its varied incarnations: served on bread, cut in squares or sliced like a pie. You can also have it with or without ali-oli, tomate or onion. Here the tortilla can come in many varieties but however you order it, it always maintains its essence.
  • Chistorra: Chistorra are mini-chorizos that are served fried or hot out of the oven. Brilliant red in color and juicy, once you try them you may never stop eating them!
  • Boquerones in Vinegar: These are freshly marinated anchovies in a mixture of olive oil, vinegar and salt. Prepare yourself to be surprised at the wonderful flavor of this tasty tapa.
  • Pulpo: Octopus prepared in a variety of ways from a féira (boiled and served with paprika, oil and potatoes) to la vinagreta (served with vegetables, oil and vinegar) you will find the best examples in the area of Galicia.
  • Oreja: If this dish sounds a little odd it may be because we are talking about pig's ear. In Spain this dish is valued for its great taste and variety of ways of it being eaten. You can enjoy it grilled or stewed, so forget about what you may think about this dish and go out and try it.

There are many other tapas around waiting to be tried, but above you will find the ones we think should always have a place on your next tapas tour. Now go out and eat some tapas!

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