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Spanish Paintings

Whilst Spanish artists are famous the world over, there are certain paintings which have alone become important iconic images, carrying with them special meanings for the time and scene they depict. The most famous Spanish paintings capture, in their own special way, a moment (be it factual or fictional) for people to learn from in future generations. Some of the most famous Spanish paintings do not attempt to convey realism but rather they capture, like a photograph, the artist's personal perception of the given scene, allowing us to travel into the depths of their mind and contemplate something from an alternative point of view.

At Enforex, we have responded to our students' interest in learning about the impressive artwork they see in Spain's myriad museums with our Spanish + Art History course. This unique course - available at our Barcelona, Granada, Madridand Salamanca schools - divides classtime evenly between language lessons and art history lessons, thereby helping you to improve your Spanish skills while learning all about Spanish works of art and their creators.

We hope to welcome you soon to our Spanish + Art History course, but in tthe meantime, while there's no match for seeing Spanish painting up close, follow the links to find out more about some of Spain's most famous masterpieces:

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