Recipes that have been forgotten
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Recipes that have been forgotten

When we think about Spanish cooking, lots of dishes come to mind. But there are some that are unknown or have been forgotten. Perhaps they’re not made in the kitchen anymore, or they’ve simply been put aside in favor of other specialties; but they’re equally tasty. Let’s take a look at some.

  • Mostillo: typical dish of La Mancha, it’s a dessert made with a mixture of grape juice or sugar and oats, boiled for 15 minutes with lemon skin. It’s served cold.
  • Duelos y quebrantos: another recipe from La Mancha. It consists of a mix of scrambled eggs, chorizo and bacon. Today it’s been developed a bit, but it’s a recipe that’s hardly ever mentioned.
  • Limón Serrano
  • Huevos tontos: Aragonese recipe consisting of a type of profiterole-shaped egg batter and bread that’s usually served in different types of soup.
  • Repápalos: Extremaduran meatball similar to huevos tontos but with addition of parsley or garlic. They’re usually served in an onion, pepper and stock sauce.
  • Limón serrano: this is a funny Salamanca recipe made with a bed of sliced oranges, on top of which is placed cooked egg and strips of ham or chorizo. We’ve not tried it ourselves, but they say the flavor contrast is interesting.

Now you know some of the most interesting dishes from our “hidden” gastronomy, and if you want you can prepare them for your friends.

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