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You will find a great selection of choices no matter where you choose to go, as we pride ourselves in providing something to suit every student – and not just in the capital cities. You can enjoy general intensive courses and special Spanish courses at every single one of our language schools throughout Spain, so if you are looking for one of these choices then the possibilities are wide open for you.

Wondering what Spanish language courses and programs are available in your city of choice? Refer to these pages to find out:

You can also find business Spanish and academic programs at a large number of our cities, so take a look at each to see which one sounds the most appealing to you. Remember, if you want your kids to learn along with you or on their own as a preparation for school lesson, you can send them to our junior summer camps. These are located in Seville, Salamanca, Marbella, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Valencia– so there are no excuses for not finding the perfect holiday destination!

If you are interested in our active Spanish courses, there are also plenty of options available to you. For flamenco dancing, try Granada, Madrid, Marbella or Sevilla. If golf or tennis is your thing, then you can find them at Marbella. For scuba diving it has to be Tenerife, while hiking can be done there too. Lastly, for cooking lessons alongside your Spanish just head for Barcelona! Do not forget that we also offer academic combination courses which can be found in a mixture of our cities.

We offer several other choices for different groups, too – complementing our junior programs we also have university credit courses, as well as lessons for the older learner. Teachers can study with us at some locations, while at others you can even take on an internship.

If you have your heart set on a particular city already, then just click on one of the links above and see what is on offer. Some of our cities offer unique courses that cannot be found elsewhere, so take a look at what we provide in each location before you make your decision. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by just what you can get in to, even in some of our smaller language schools! With twelve locations to choose from in Spain alone, you may need to take some time looking over all of the options – one of them is guaranteed to be perfect for you!

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