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Population104,000 (approx.)
CountryCosta Rica
GeographyLocated in central Costa Rica, approximately 10 kilometers north of capital city San José.
ClimatePleasant weather with average daily high temperatures between 75º and 80º all year round. Rainy season from May through mid-November and dry season from mid-November until April.
Local fareHigh reliance on fresh fruits and vegetables; savory yet mild. Costa Rican staples: gallo pinto (dish of rice and black beans), casado (rice, beans, meat and salad), fried plantains, salsa lizano (condiment), coffee, corn tortillas, picadillos (meat and vegetable combinations).
Did you know?The Heredia region is now home to Central America's own "Silicone Valley", as it's now a base for high technology companies like Intel, Pentium, Microsoft, Pfizer and many others. In fact, microchips have become Costa Rica's top export, far exceeding major long-time exports like coffee and plantains, and have really kick-started Costa Rica's economy.
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