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Guanajuato Fast Facts

Population158,000 (approx.)
GeographyLocated in the northern central highlands of Mexico.
ClimateMild and generally dry climate with cool winters and warm summers.
Average Temperatures Average high in December: 21ºC / 70ºF
Average high in May: 29ºC / 85ºF
Local fareThe region surrounding Guanajuato is decidedly fertile, providing the city with lots of locally-grown wheat, fruits and vegetables to accompany the meat and poultry. A mix of European and indigenous ingredients, recipes and techniques. Guanajuato specialties include:
- enchiladas mineras (miner's enchiladas): enchiladas filled cheese or chicken with carrots and potatoes and served in guajillo sauce
- tunas de xonocostle: fruit from local cacti, often used in salads
- moles: sauces made with up to 30 ingredients served with meat or poultry
- antojitos (little whims): Mexican comfort foods, such as tamales, quesadillas, tacos and enchiladas
Tourist OfficeState Tourism Information Office
Plaza de la Paz 14
Tel: 473 / 732 1574
Did you know?The colonial-era silver mines surrounding Guanajuato, some of which are still in operation, not only made the city very wealthy but also produced 20% of all the world's silver!
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