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Spanish Architecture

Since the end of Franco's dictatorship in 1975, the streets of Spain have become illuminated by an explosion of modern architecture, creating an interesting contrast to the historical landmarks left behind from Islamic settlements, Baroque and Renaissance movements. At the same time, Spanish Architects began to flourish with their new found freedom, innovating and earning a name for themselves the world over. Spanish architecture is one of the most revered facets of the country, no matter where you are in Spain, you will find some architectural delight to admire.

With Enforex, you can spend time surrounded by Spain's incredible architecture as you learn and improve Spanish skills to last a lifetime. Our schools are located in Spain's most emblematic, beautiful and exciting cities, where the buildings, from centuries-old cathedrals to cutting-edge museums, are guaranteed to leave you breathless.

So dip in and learn about some of the country's most important contemporary architects and landmark buildings, and we hope to see you in Spain soon!

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