Latin American Desserts
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Latin American Desserts

Tropical Mango Sorbet — A fresh and light treat that mixes mango and coconut and even has a bit of papaya thrown in there. With only around 15 minutes of preparation, it's a no-hassle, refreshing idea to finish your meal. With a heavy infusion of several colorful fruits, you are sure to get the taste buds dancing in appreciation.

Banana Coconut Tarts — As the names suggests, you will receive a delicious blend of banana and coconut in bite sized portions. They can be given a kick with a cheeky shot of rum, to which more can be added to drizzle over when cooked to put everyone in that special party mood. With only 30 minutes until this dish is ready for the plate, don't be shy, give it a try!

Buñuelos de Viento — A little bite that will have you hooked. Buñuelos de viento are small donut balls doused with sugar and a bit of vanilla. These tempting portions will demand your time for the preparation, as they take about an hour, but good things come to those who wait. Perfect to snack on any time of the day.

Souffle de Dulce de Leche — An interesting souffle with the treat of dulce de leche drizzled on the top. It is a South American favorite that leaves the door open for you to throw in your own personal additions.

Champurrado — A chocolate drink that is often accompanied by churros, just as in Spain. It is a real original treat and, after all, who isn't a fan of a thick hot chocolate? You may be committing a dieting sin with one of these, but with the additional flavor of the vanilla and cinnamon it's difficult to say no.

Alfajores — These caramel delights are sure to tickle the sweet tooth of all who try it. Alfajores are caramel sandwich cookies, and they can be made in a variety of ways. They can be made with an extra kick when pisco or brandy is thrown into the mix. These cookies are the perfect addition to any party.

Passion Fruit Mousse — It is a mixture of passion fruit, with some rum thrown in for good measure, as well as delicious extras such as coconut and macadamia nuts with whipped cream, which is optional....but preferred!

Picarones — This dessert has a slight savoury element thrown into the mixture. It consists of pumpkin and sweet potato and its unique taste is also due to spices and a sweet flavor that works in partnership with the syrup adorning the crispy dough.

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