Latin American Gastronomy
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Argentina — With a deep outside influence from Italian and Spanish immigrants, Argentine gastronomy also infuses different flavours from the indigenous tribes that are native to the area. You will typically find red meat thrown into the meals and they are usually barbequed. Chorizo and goat are two other popular meats that will usually be found, and one of the most famous snacks you can indulge in is empanadas, which is a pasty filled with a variety of ingredients. A popular drink that you can try is already a best friend: called "mate," it is similar to tea and is made with the yerba mate leaves.

Chile — Rich with a variety of tasty treats, including Arrollado de Chancho, which is pork wrapped in pork fat with red ají chili thrown on top (not suitable to those on a diet). Another popular option is Palta Reina, which is made from avocado and features a choice of seafood or meat fillings, typically tuna or ham, with mayonnaise thrown over lettuce leaves.

Mexico — Spices are a very important component of Mexican food, and several varieties are used in different meals and even drinks! You will also find plenty of corn and beans in their dishes. Corn, because you can make a variety of classic foods, such as tortillas and gorditas with it. Mexicans are also the inventors of chocolate, which has certainly woken a few people up! Another meal worth mentioning is chimichangas, which are large deep fried burritos that are sure to bring an appetite to anyone.

Peru — A primary mix of Spanish influence with Peruvian initiative throwing in their own ingredients, such as corn potatoes or beans, to create a wonderful blend of flavors. Pisco is the way forward, in terms of drinks: a type of brandy that has a sour taste to accompany it, pisco is made of grapes and is highly popular. Pebre is also a nice soup that mixes lamb, beef and ram meat.

Venezuela — Its location throws a real variation on the sort of food you can expect to find here, but generally there is a prevalence of goat, seafood and game, with potatoes and rice being served in abundance. Their national dish is Pabellón Criollo , a combination of rice and black beans with shredded beef and fried plantains thrown in the mix.

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