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Chilean wine

Although Chile is an relative newcomer to the wine industry, the country is now known for its high quality wine, sought after by people from all over the world. The main produce comes from three main areas, each of which presents a unique character.

Top wines in the area include:

  • Errazuriz (named after the Errazuriz family, who were strongly associated with politics since the 19th century in Chile)
  • Santa Isabel Estate Label – made in the Casablanca region.
  • Seña
  • The Cuvée Alexandre.

Argentine & Uruguayan wine

Argentina is also a major player on the international wine scene. It has its own French variety, which certainly gives it a boost in the ratings. Mendoza is a critical location for the vineyards; a third of all of Argentina's wine production hails from this area, which is also home to the Mendoza Wine Festival.

  • Bodegas Weinert
  • Catena
  • Alamos Ridge
  • Jujuy
  • Neuquén

Uruguay's top wine product is Tannat, which also has its French links. It requires some time to age, which is why there are several other more commercial wines that help to keep the market busy in the meantime.

You should certainly check out:

  • H.Staguari
  • Castel Pujol
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