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Caipirinha — This tangy treat will be requested a second time with its infusion of cachaça, lime and sugar. It is these reasons, among many more, that make the caiprinha one of Brazil's national drinks. You can also give one of the great variations a go.

Daiquiri — This rum-based drink will be on everyone's wish list. Originating in Havana, Cuba, the daiquiri consists of rum, lime juice and sugar. It gained popularity from prominent figures who were known to enjoy it, such as Ernest Hemingway and former president John F. Kennedy.

Mojito — This classic drink also comes from Cuba and features a great combination of rum, fresh lime, mint and club soda with some crushed ice.

Pisco sour — This isn't your everyday drink, but it brings its own personality to the table, with ingredients such as egg whites and pisco (a grape-based liqueur). It also gets its unique flavor from a variety of regional bitters that complement the mix.

Piña Colada — Meaning strained pineapple, the piña colada gives you a combination of rum, coconut and pineapple juice. It was thought to have been created by Ramon "Monchito" Marrero.

Cuba Libre — Known to many as a simple rum and Coke, with a slight twist in the form of lemon or lime juice. Some say it was born in the battles between the USA and Spain, while others claim it stems from Cuba.

Canelazo — Originating in Ecuador, it is unlike the rest of the list for being the only warm drink. Its main ingredient is aguardiente, a strong spirit that has been compared to rum in taste. Some of the other key ingredients include boiled water with cinnamon and sugar for that sweet, energetic kick.

Caju Amigo — This peculiar Brazilian drink involves chewing but not swallowing a piece of cashew nut and then taking a shot of cachaça and swallowing the nut at the same time.

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